Paul Cantor

April 21, 2012 at 2:09pm

I think Dre, God bless him, was just doing a bit of catch-up. He saw that Kanye and Jay-Z in previous years played to this very legitimate crowd and formed a relationship with them. His albums precede Coachella and what it can do for an artist. I think he did OK, nothing more and nothing less than what I expected. The hologram was press hype. It’s what you do when your album is 10 years overdue. He played his hits, which is what you’d expect. He kinda followed in Paul McCartney’s footsteps, which was kinda disappointing: there were no real surprises. The Tupac thing wasn’t so satisfying, and actually kinda creepy from a business angle. The point being, though, I do think he knows the Coachella history, and was trying to create that kind of magic for himself.

— Todd C. Roberts


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