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  2. "the biggest mistake you can make in media is to say anything is dead. 10 years ago they said reality is dead, sit-coms are dead, murder mysteries are dead, two-hour shows are dead, you need to do half-hours, now half-hours are dead. If you have a good show, it will work. Any good products will work. Nothing is dead, everything is new."
    — Larry King

  3. "A writer is, on the whole, most alive when alone"
    — Martin Amis

  4. Nas “Illmatic” at Twenty — A Memory


    I grew up in Staten Island and lived in a little housing community filled with small condos.

    Random characters moved in and out of the neighborhood.

    One such transient fellow was twenty-something white dude with red hair named Jimmy. He was tattooed up, sold drugs for work and rode dirt bikes for recreation.

    He had a big stereo in his house, and would leave the side door open while he blasted music. The whole block could hear it.

    When Nas’ debut LP, Illmatic, dropped, he played the album for months.

    I was sitting in his living room one day when he reached behind the couch and pulled out a huge zip-lock bag filled with cocaine. I looked at it in awe. I was 12-years-old.

    Music played in the background. He closed his eyes, rapped along and got lost in it.

    “Life’s a bitch and then you die, that’s why we get high, because you never know when you’re gonna go.”

    His eyelids opened and he took a hit off a blunt he’d lit. He turned his gaze to the bag of coke and disdainfully shook his head.

    Another bag of cocaine was sitting on a coffee table in the middle of the room. He grabbed it, unzipped and starting pouring it into the other bag.

    “Turn that up louder,” he said. “Illmatic. That’s my shit.”


  5. "I had five kids and I thought, ‘I’d better make some money.’"
    — Mario Puzo, on why he wrote The Godfather.

  6. "I’m not familiar with no books. I don’t know no books, dead ass. That’s what we wrote in the beginning. I didn’t read 48 Laws [of Power], I never read The Secret. And Saul Williams is a good friend of mine, but I’m sorry…you know what? There are people who are genius designers that don’t know any other designers’ names. But they don’t have to know them! Because they brought in an idea that was new and fresh."
    — Kanye West

  7. "People don’t know what they like until they see someone [else] with it."
    — 50 Cent

  8. "Take a splash of whatever inner rage, anger, or just murderous impulses you can find inside; take an equal part of the fear that your inner demon will take control. Split them up between your monster and your protagonist. Then you have a story."
    — Carl Jung

  9. The Best Yelp Review of All Time

    Thank you Richard L. This is the best Yelp review ever. I am totally going to V.I.P. Room after reading this. 

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  10. "Writing, at its best, is a lonely life."
    — Ernest Hemingway